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August: Creston Brewery’s GRALE

I wasn’t meant to be there when the doors opened. It just happened. Coincidence, I guess. Or, the stars? However it came to fruition, our August Beer of the Month is Creston Brewery‘s GRALE!

IMG_0737As I drove south on Plainfield Ave. toward downtown last Wednesday morning I noticed a group of news vans parked and three random people standing outside the glass doors to Beer City’s newest local watering hole, Creston Brewery. Obviously, stopping in was mandated by William Miller, my own Jiminy Cricket-like conscience imagined to walk and talk in the manner of Patrick Fugitt’s wonderful rendition of Cameron Crowe’s innocent, wide-eyed reporter in Almost Famous.

When the crew unlocked the door for business at 11am, I happened to be the 6th person in line. Somehow amid all the calamity I missed my favorite beer-guzzling, classically trained chef, Amy Sherman from WOOD Radio’s Behind the Mitten and IRON GR. (How many times has this happened at a new brewery? Countless. Maybe, every time.)IMG_0738

Without time to sit and partake in the festivities with Chris from, I grabbed a quick taste of the GRALE. It’s the closest thing to an IPA that Jarrod and the staff have on tap. While they don’t specify what specific “kind” of beer they serve(think IPA, Porter, Stout, etc.), the Creston team lets you see what the beers are brewed with as not to bias your tastebuds pre-tasting. Their coasters are adorned with a color- and malt-coded scale, as well as a bitterness and hops scale, to let the customer understand where their likings fall on the spectrum.IMG_0736

Want to be a part of the Creston Crew? It’s their insiders club with some great GR benefits like $2 off EVERY drink.

Some of you are asking yourselves, “did he sneeze?”


That’s why GRALE from Creston Brewery is our August Beer of the Month.





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