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Fusion lose to Kenosha, 145-100

Grand Rapids, MI — The Grand Rapids Fusion returned to the court on Saturday at Kuyper College but were unable to come away with the victory, losing 145-100 to the Kenosha Ballers in IBA spring season action.

Coach Marco Wilkinson‘s club has been up and down this year with an influx of new talent amid the old guard but the team always keeps fighting.

After the game, the team held a meet-and-greet with fans at American Dogs and more on Grand Rapids’ WestSide for food and fun. Located at 517 Leonard NW, Tony and the crew offer up hot dogs of all kinds, wraps, fries, sides and more. They’ve even put in a multi-platform video game with Pac-Man, Centipede and titles to keep you busy when they’re busy!

Check out their wall of pics to see if you can find the Bird!

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