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January Beer of the Month: Founders’ Azacca IPA

Azacca IPA from Founders’ Brewing Co. is our January Beer of the Month!

After our monthly meeting of some friendly minds (we don’t seem to schedule the same group well), the five of us in attendance came to the conclusion that this seasonal offering would be January’s winner.

Our subsequent trip to The Tin Can would solidify our choice, as someone in our party (it was The Good Doctor) decided to buy a round of $1 Black Label beers.

Azacca IPA is named after the Haitian god of agriculture. The Azacca hops intense tropical aroma hints of citrus and mango, according to the label and my undying need to drink beer that makes me sneeze. The backbone, sweet with a caramel malt, supports the fruit character of the beer. Again, from the label.

The 7.0% ABV and 70 IBUs help keep you warm when you pour this burnt orange heavenly delight.


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