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Pick 6: NFL Week 13; DBo & GC on ‘Danger: Inside Access’

“When I am sixty-four…”

That’s how the Beatles say it, right?

Well, it’s time to Pick 6 in Week 13 of the NFL regular season and it feels like the season, being two-thirds over, is experiencing it’s own 64th birthday. Tuesday and Wednesday are for complaining, Thursdays are bad, #FatRobFriday(!) is fishy, Saturdays don’t matter and, seriously, who can stay up for those late Sunday and Monday night games? Brew that coffee, but make it decaf. Nap, please.

So, Pick6 has been a snoozer, until now. This week we spice things up (yes, we talk food) on Danger: Inside Access with Grand Rapids Danger captain Derrick Brooks and get to know all about his team, his game and his love for being in the kitchen.

Brooks posts me up to show off that one-foot step-back jumper and picks the San Diego Chargers helmet for Week 13 (they play at home against James Winston and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers). Win and it’s Wing Doozy for DBo, lose and he gets the 6 question tie-breaker on the Tuesday, December 6 episode of The 3-Point Turn with GC podcast; 4 right answers wins the wings, 3 wrong answers gets the Jay Cutler treatment!



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