Pick 6: NFL Week 5

Here’s this week’s deep toss at getting more games right. After a tough 1-5 week that set my overall record back to 11-13, I’m calling on the backup to get the job done this week against the spreads at vegasinsider.com. Here’s this week’s Pick 6 from Sparty Jeff (Brian Hoyer’s doppelgänger):

  1. HOUSTON (+7) @ Minnesota: Purple People Eating Defense (P-PEDs) hold down opposing offenses like some of the greatest ever, so far. The pseudo-Oilers are 3-1 somehow and don’t have to worry about Watt that one guy is going to do to bring attention to himself. psOilers D gives up 15 ppg without the NE loss. It’s closer than the touchdown plus one.
  2. Chicago @ INDIANAPOLIS (-4): Bears score in the mid-teens on average. Andrew Luck needs some time to throw the ball and a running game. Pagano may stall those chances of getting the Colts to 21, but I’m taking a flyer on the son of Oliver after the line started the week at -5.
  3. Buffalo @ LOS ANGELES (Pick ‘Em): These pick ’em games are tough because I want to give the home team 3 points for no reason. Rex Ryan, Jeff Fisher. Blah. Take the Rams in the sun during the fall.
  4. San Diego @ OAKLAND (-3.5): Phillip Rivers is perpetually down by 5 to finish games.
  5. NY GIANTS (+7) @ Green Bay: Giants seem to be in disarray and that’s usually a good thing for them on the road. Aaron Rodgers and crew need to find a W. This game will be close.
  6. TAMPA BAY (+4) @ Carolina: Jameis Winston’s big show on Monday Night Football without Cam Newton in uniform due to concussion.

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