Pick 6: NFL Week 6 predictionations

After another bad week(2-4), the overall record is 13-17 and I just started picking helmets from a bucket.

Here’s what happened:

  • Jacksonville @ CHICAGO (-2.5): Hoyer? No, we have no helmet for the Jags.
  • San Francisco @ BUFFALO(-9): Kaep gets the start. He’ll be wishing he was kneeling when the Bill knock him on his asterisk.
  • CLEVELAND (+7) @ Tennessee: Kessler, Crowell, Duke and Pryor litigate for the win!
  • WASHINGTON (+2.5) @ Philly: Cousins. Kirk Cousins. DC-8. Honk for your locals!
  • DALLAS (+4) @ Green Bay: Dak and Dunk with EZ and Beasley! GB isn’t cold enough yet.
  • HOUSTON (+3) @ Indianapolis: How do you not bet against a Chuck Pagano-coached team in a nationally televised primetime game?

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