Pick 6 NFL Week 8

Pick 6: NFL Week 8 in the bag!

It was back to reality over here at the Dirty Water Tavern in Week 7, so we’re drowning our sorrows in the best Chicago has to offer, Jay Cutler jerseys and Old Style cans.

3ptbackgroundFinding the way back to .500 two weeks ago was only the start of this mid-season roller coaster ride, but it was just what we needed to keep the excitement alive. But these winning weeks come and go and it was a week of failing. The picks were bad, the play was worse. 2-4 through the weekend, with only the Bengals and Broncos being who we thought they were, and now the record stands at 20-22.

Since it worked two weeks ago, I went digging back into the bucket of helmets to find out whose bandwagon we’re jumping on this week.


  1. JACKSONVILLE (+3.5) @ Tennessee: Thursday Night Football stinks on TV and on the field. Keep it close, Blake. Is there a possibility both coaches are sent packing after the game?
  2. DETROIT (+2.5) @ Houston: Detroit better be for real, for once. Stafford taking charge with that arm, though.
  3. SEATTLE (-2.5) @ New Orleans: Great. I get Russell on the road. He could do enough to win against this NO defense riding a big wheel. Seahawks chomp on the Saints like Alf ate cats. “No problem.”
  4. PHILADELPHIA (+2.5) @ Dallas: Dallas is really good. Like you’re most attractive former lover, though, they’re bound to go crazy at some point. When the rival steps in, you’d better duck and cover.
  5. CHICAGO CUBS vs. Cleveland Indians: All games thru Monday 10/31; down 1-0 to start, the Loveable Losers from the North side of Chicago play Wednesday at Cleveland and Friday/Saturday/Sunday at Wrigley Field barring any weather delays. If you’ve heard the show lately, there’s no doubt I wanted only one miraculous story available in the Series. 70 years vs. 100+ year drought just isn’t the same drama as “LA steals one from Cleveland”. Well, until LeBron decides he’s ready to be in the movies full time.
  6. DETROIT PISTONS: All games thru Monday 10/31; Wednesday @ Toronto, Friday vs. Orlando, Sunday vs. Milwaukee. SVG needs Andre 2020 do lead this group without starting point guard Reggie Jackson for 6-8 weeks.


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