“Pick 6”: Week 4’s tribute to Jay Cutler

This week’s tribute to Jay Cutler from the BeerCityHoops crew, our NFL week 4 “Pick 6”:

  1. CAROLINA (+3) @ Atlanta: Yes, the Falcons have weapons and the Panthers didn’t look great against Minnesota. But, do you really trust a guy nicknamed after shi++y beer? Matty Ice gets the bitter beer face.
  2. Seattle @ NY JETS (+2.5): Russell’s knee. The only thing Marshawn is doing in New York is commercials. Jets can get numbers on the board, they may only need 17. Only 15 to win this bet.
  3. NEW ORLEANS (+4) @ San Diego: How can Philip Rivers and the Chargers have the ball and be down by 8 with under two minutes to go in the fourth quarter like they have every other week in NFL history and the line be Saints plus-4? Its a Brees.
  4. Los Angeles @ ARIZONA (-8): Case Keenum and Jared Goff are the Rams’ QBs? Palmer, Fitzgerald, Brown and Floyd win this case for Arians & Co. in the desert. Jeff Fisher looking 7-9 dead in the eye yet again.
  5. NY GIANTS (+4.5) @ Minnesota: The Vikings just can’t be this good, can they? Close the blinds and watch Ben McAdoo direct the Giants offense with weak dialogue, facial hair and corny music like it’s the ’70s. That combo results in a win. Most folks will tell you they don’t watch Monday Night Football. They’re lying.
  6. DETROIT (-3) @ Chicago: No Cutler, no chance. Bears coming off back-to-back night games in Week 2(MNF) and Week 3(SNF) where they were the Bears. So, I guess we’re ready to take the Lions to beat former MSU QB Brian Hoyer and former Lions security guard Jocquie Bell. Heaven help us.

Week 3 results: 4-2

Wins: Oakland, Washington, Seattle, Indianapolis

Losses: Jets, Bears

Overall results: 10-8

Disclaimer/Disclosure: Offline, we went 3-3 and 3-3 in Week’s 1 and 2, respectively, and think it is only fair to start Week 3 at .500 on the scoreboard. If you wish to dispute the legality of our record, please remember this is for entertaining porpoises only. 



For entertainment purposes only. Lines from vegasinsider.com.

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