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Pick 6: NFL Week 13; DBo & GC on ‘Danger: Inside Access’

“When I am sixty-four…” That’s how the Beatles say it, right? Well, it’s time to Pick 6 in Week 13 of the NFL regular season and it feels like the season, being two-thirds over, is experiencing it’s own 64th birthday. Tuesday and Wednesday are for complaining, Thursdays are bad, #FatRobFriday(!) is fishy, Saturdays don’t matter and, […]

Beer Of The Month

“Huge upset.” November 2016: FRUITOPIA from Greyline Brewing

Well, it only took us about half the month to decide what November’s Beer of the Month was going to be. Better than the 30 days in October we waited, right? When the Pick6 crew headed out On The Mitten Road to Greyline Brewing to meet up with Chef Ronnie Mack, we decided that if he was going […]

Beer Of The Month Podcasts

October: Ichabod Pumpkin Ale from New Holland Brewing

If you’ve been holding your breath for us to announce our Beer of the Month this October, you’re probably a zombie by now. And that’s perfect, it’s Halloween! Had we named this beer earlier in the month, it would have coincided with Oktoberfest and everybody does that. So, we dressed appropriately for the end of […]

Pick 6 NFL Week 8

Pick 6: NFL Week 8 in the bag!

It was back to reality over here at the Dirty Water Tavern in Week 7, so we’re drowning our sorrows in the best Chicago has to offer, Jay Cutler jerseys and Old Style cans. Finding the way back to .500 two weeks ago was only the start of this mid-season roller coaster ride, but it was just what we […]