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Pick 6: NFL Week 13; DBo & GC on ‘Danger: Inside Access’

“When I am sixty-four…” That’s how the Beatles say it, right? Well, it’s time to Pick 6 in Week 13 of the NFL regular season and it feels like the season, being two-thirds over, is experiencing it’s own 64th birthday. Tuesday and Wednesday are for complaining, Thursdays are bad, #FatRobFriday(!) is fishy, Saturdays don’t matter and, […]

Pick 6 NFL Week 8

Pick 6: NFL Week 8 in the bag!

It was back to reality over here at the Dirty Water Tavern in Week 7, so we’re drowning our sorrows in the best Chicago has to offer, Jay Cutler jerseys and Old Style cans. Finding the way back to .500 two weeks ago was only the start of this mid-season roller coaster ride, but it was just what we […]


Pick 6: Week 7 best bets

Last week, I picked mini helmets out of a bucket for my teams and went 5-1 to get back to the .500 mark. Here’s my attempt to stay out of the Jay Cutler jersey for the halloween weekend in Denver for the Nuggets home opener and see Buckets take on the Broncos. CHICAGO (+8) @ Green Bay: Hoyer and Howard […]


Pick 6: NFL Week 6 predictionations

After another bad week(2-4), the overall record is 13-17 and I just started picking helmets from a bucket. Here’s what happened: Jacksonville @ CHICAGO (-2.5): Hoyer? No, we have no helmet for the Jags. San Francisco @ BUFFALO(-9): Kaep gets the start. He’ll be wishing he was kneeling when the Bill knock him on his […]