Adam Chrisco of the NAPB visits The 3-Point Turn Podcast

The 3-Point Turn podcast

One day after the North American Premier Basketball league held its initial press conference, executive sales director Adam Chrisco spent about half an hour discussing the details of the new league with GC on The 3-Point Turn podcast.

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With the NBA G League now truly working as a minor league system for their NBA affiliates, there’s a middle ground between semi-pro (ABC) leagues and the overseas leagues, that usually allow only two American players per team, that needs to be addressed here in the States.

┬áThink of Double-A baseball. Now, imagine there is an infrastructure of basketball teams and a league that provides this type of base for the G League, and NBA itself, in cities that have successfully hosted teams in the past. Whether those teams have been a part of the former D-League, the current or former ABA or the now-defunct CBA, there’s a market for mid-level hoops in America. That’s the thought process of league management.

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