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All of the Above Creative Academy opens Monday

Is your Ottawa Hills HS student the creative type? Having thoughts of a being an artist, DJ, dancer or historian in the hip-hop community here in Grand Rapids?

Starting on Monday, All of the Above Creative Academy will open its’ doors to provide an after school hip hop program for students attending Ottawa Hills High School. AOTA GR will be teaching students the history of the hip-hop culture and philosophy to allow them an outlet to tell their stories and write new ones through, both individually and as a collective voice.

Focusing on the underserved populations, AOTA GR’s mission is to show students the pathways to positively engage with the community, advance academic achievement and develop the meaning fun skills needed in today’s workforce.  Through civic engagement and adhering to core standards, students will grow and develop skills learned through hip hop, which will help them connect to and see the needs of the current job market.

This is an opportunity for students in the program to work with formal instructors and learn about the equipment used in today’s music industry.

But before any of that can happen, students at OHHS must register before February 6, 2017. Those same students will be required to sign in to each session throughout the duration of the program. They must have a parent/guardian sign a waiver that deals with class content such as song lyrics, historically accurate information and more. The history of hip hop and the philosophy behind the movement will be taught BEFORE any of the equipment is actually used and BEFORE formal instruction is given in this artistic environment. And, of course, students must show respect for the instructors and equipment, as well.

To find out more about the program at Ottawa Hills HS, please visit

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