GR Champs League

GR Champs League green logo

The Grand Rapids Champs League is a community soccer game for anyone and everyone. This league was created to bring the diverse communities within the City of Grand Rapids closer and create bonds between neighbors other city dwellers. In order to be eligible to play, each person must either live, work, or attend school within the City of Grand Rapids. Our focus is to bring neighborhoods together around the game of soccer, and then get some beers at a nearby bar. 

While there are rules the thing to keep in mind is that this league is centered around community. It’s not just a cheap soccer league. It’s a league with a purpose of supporting our parks, building strong neighborhoods, creating bonds with neighbors, and encouraging physical activity by playing soccer.


Team boundaries are mostly guides. They try to keep folks who live or work in a certain area on the same team so they can meet their neighbors, but urban neighborhoods are often blurry and always changing. Use this map as a guide to see which team you should be on. If you have any questions let them know, they can help you. 

Now that you know…