Being a Mom with kids in sports even after a concussion

I couldn’t be more proud of her.

A while back I was asked to talk about being a mom with kids in sports. I have held off on writing about this for many reasons.

“SMASH! They collided.”

Being a mom of kids in sports is very exciting, yet it is such a scary thing. I am the parent that will be at as many events cheering the kids on. And yes, getting after the refs if the calls are one-sided. They are kids, don’t let the other team win because of your bad calls. I feel that if you are calling something on one team or child then you should do the same for all the players. Again, they are KIDS. Let them play! And yes again, if the calls were all in my teams favor I would get after the refs for that too. I know that life isn’t fair, but when you are a child you are learning the sport and the game. Treat them all the same let them play and love the sport.

First, I am a mom of 3. My oldest just graduated from high school. She has always been a very athletic child, as well as she maintained A’s through school up until her Junior year in 2016. She has always dreamed of becoming a professional basketball player. Her drive and passion inspired me as I watched her grow.

One day I got a call from the coach during practice saying, “during crossover drills, your daughter went up for a layup, came down and started a full sprint. Not realizing the other player had cut into her lane and SMASH! They collided.”

Both girls were diagnosed with concussions, whiplash, and the other girl even got a fractured jaw! Coach said it “looked like 2 NFL players going full speed” and tackled. The next thing we knew, there went the basketball season, her AAU basketball, and any other activities she was involved in.

She went from being a being a student that was very witty, quick with her answers and on her feet, someone who everyone loved and liked, to someone who was very slow with her reactions and thinking process. The delay she experienced made her almost depressed. She no longer had any outlet to express herself or relieve any stress.

After seeing 3 different therapists 2x per week, multiple black outs, a kinked neck, and killer headaches, she has managed to go back to playing basketball and volleyball her senior year. Even though she didn’t get the scholarship she was shooting for in sports and being able to play ball where ever she wanted, she worked hard on her grades and still managed to get a scholarship for her academics! I couldn’t be more proud of her.

Be there for your child. Show them that you support them and all that they do! If an injury happens that will change their lives like it did for my child, let them know it’s okay! Yes, their dreams my have to change but it’s not the end of the world. Keep them positive. Be there for them no matter what!

Sports help build character, humble a child, and give them the confidence that they may not have had before.

After all this I still allow my kids to be who the are. My younger 2 kids are still playing and participating in sports, I am still that parent loud in the stands cheering them all on.

I am a proud basketball mom, volleyball mom, cheer mom, soccer mom, softball mom, track mom, baseball mom, football mom, and whatever other sports they decide to play.