Former Pistons coach Larry Brown suspended by NCAA

Larry Brown, the nomadic coach of the SMU Mustangs who lead the Detroit Pistons to an NBA title in 2004, has been suspended 9 games by the NCAA for infractions committed by team personal during his tenure.

SMU committed multiple violations in the men’s basketball program including academic fraud, unethical conduct and head coach control, and in recruiting, as well.

The NCAA statement read, “the head men’s basketball coach failed to promote an atmosphere of compliance when he did not report violations and was not initially truthful during an interview with NCAA enforcement staff.”

SMU will be penalized with 3 years of probation, a postseason ban, scholarship reductions, recruiting restrictions, vacation of wins, booster removal and a suspension of 30% of the games for head coach, Larry Brown.

Brown coached the Kansas Jayhawks to an NCAA Title in 1989.

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