“Huge upset.” November 2016: FRUITOPIA from Greyline Brewing

Well, it only took us about half the month to decide what November’s Beer of the Month was going to be. Better than the 30 days in October we waited, right?

When the Pick6 crew headed out On The Mitten Road to Greyline Brewing to meet up with Chef Ronnie Mack, we decided that if he was going to run the gauntlet with the helmets, we’d ask him to select our November winner. His choice was Greyline’s Kona Brown Ale.

But, because it was Election Month, we’ve rigged the voting and named Greyline’s FRUITOPIA Fruit Beer as our electoral college winner!

With Kona Brown being TRUMP’d up by Chef Ron’s lobbyists, FRUITOPIA took it’s message directly to the people and spread the word with its raspberry and 7 other fruits (probably ‘member berries) and upset the mainstream media around here, which was expecting an IPA in a landslide. Fruitopia polled around 5.2% ABV.

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