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Is coach causing trouble? Coach/GSCeltic v. Wilkins/Bradshaw on card for HoopsGR #1

In a surprising announcement to both the host and the listeners, Grand Rapids Fusion coach Marco Wilkinson declared that he had challenged the duo of Delonzo Wilkins(below left) and Terry Bradshaw to a matchup on the hardwood against coach himself and his newest hoops partner, host of The 3-Point Turn and Billy Hoyle-like chump, Greg Cobb (me).

Delonzo Wilkins Grand Rapids Fusion communityIn another day and time, this matchup would be no problem for the duo of Wilkins and Bradshaw, both younger and currently in better shape than both Wilkinson and I. But this is 2016, the season of redemption for roundball veterans like coach and I, and with the recent retirements of our most beloved players, Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett, respectively, this is the time when wisdom defeats talent and athleticism.

With two of the top Fusion players on the other side of the ball, look for us to dominate the mental game. Both students of the great Coach T, our intestinal fortitude in filled with B.E.E.F., whether on the free throw line or scurrying to the boards for an easy backdoor layup.

These young kids just don’t know what they’re in for. We do. Get the ice ready, for the champagne and the knees.

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