Rex Reed Roundball Ruckus honors late teacher from Kenowa Hills

Samuel Reed is a local hip-hop musician who not only preaches, but teaches his love of God, family and friends.

Every summer since 2010, he’s put on an annual 3-on-3 basketball tournament, the Roundball Ruckus, honoring his late father, Rex Reed, a former educator and coach in the Kenowa Hills school district. This year’s tournament was held at his “International Office of Creativity” near Walker Ave. and 4 Mile Road on July 16th.

“It all started with my dad, Rex J Reed, who inspired me in and through the game of basketball (among other things), as well as many of my friends.”

After his dad’s passing in 2009, the younger Reed wanted to honor the man who taught him so much about life through the basketball court. So he decided to start this annual tournament to remember him by, as well as keep some of the close friends “in touch”.

Samuel told us that many of the people who loved to be out on the court with Rex had stopped playing as much since then. He also noticed a decline in outdoor play as a whole, which he blames more on the internet, generational changes and the availability of cost-efficient indoor courts.

Reed spoke of his desire to “be all about REAL outdoor three on three backyard basketball.”

A jack of many trades, Samuel makes most of the trophy hardware by hand and prints the t-shirts in his own shop.

“We have always given at least $100 to the winners, and two years ago we gave $200, since we had a better turn out.” 2016 saw the rains come in early in the day and wash out most of the competition. This year was much different with the clouds opening up and the sun shining down on the court.