December Beer(s) of the Month: Arizona IPAs!

Dec. Beer Month photo

BeerCityHoops is once again proud to name the Beer of the Month! December usually brings guests to the Dirty Water Tavern, but this year the crew became out-of-towners for the holidays(not tourists, or ‘two-wrists‘: folks holding open travel maps). Finding themselves in the mysteriously chilly desert of Arizona over Christmas 2015, they’ve brought you an extra label to chase and an extra special ‘go-to’ spot for fried chicken and strawberry shortcake that satisfies before sending the whole party into a food coma.

This month’s beers of the month are, of course, IPA’s.

LumberYard Brewing Co.’s Flagstaff IPA and SanTan Brewing Co.’s HopShock IPA headline the marquee of the On The Mitten Road page over at’s December’s Beer of the Month!

Horny Toad Shortcake pic
Sorry, it went quick!

And that restaurant? It’s called The Horny Toad. Hold on, read the backstory. Jeff and the gang over at the The Toad are a necessary food stop when visiting the Phoenix area. Yes, it’s a drive from downtown, but settled back in Old Cave Creek(since GC first visited in 1980-something), this fried chicken heaven can knock your vacation plans out of whack for a week! Diving in to a half order is enough for three grown men(boys). If they’re drinking, get the whole chicken. Order the strawberry shortcake with dinner and just accept that you want/need to eat it.