August 2017: Odd Side Ale’s Dirty Dank Juice

Dirty Dank Juice Odd Side Ales

Cloudy, hazy and a tiny foam cresting the top with a golden finish.

Grand Haven pier hazy
(photo credit: Elyse Merritt)

While that sounds like a late fall day on the south pier in Grand Haven on the shores of Lake Michigan, to us it’s the perfect portrayal of what the offseason hoops and hops should be.

Ladies and gentlemen, let us introduce you to Odd Side Ale’s Dirty Dank Juice. It’s their take on a New England IPA, the second consecutive month the staff here at BeerCityHoops has chosen the Nor’easter-style brew (following Old Nation’s M-43 in July). As Odd Side’s website describes it, “low bitterness gives way to juicy hops and a smooth, creamy, hazy beer.”

We, in fact, were enveloped by the the orange, citrus and other fruity tones as the Dank poured freely from our first cans into the suggested tulip glasses at the Dirty Water Tavern, our “meeting room” of choice here at the office. Dirty Dank Juice has a 7% ABV and 55 IBUs.

The Dirty Dank Juice rates in at an 87 on and a 92 on, with an overall 3.8 out of 5.0 in 12 ratings.

While many on the beer rating sites claim this may or may not be a “true” New England, we’ve come to believe that if you believe, you can call it what you want. The mellow finishing notes hide the overall feel of being bitter, playing soft and medium in the end.

Medium in body, kind of sticky in texture, and above average in carbonation.

The Dank Collection

The Odd Side Ales Dank collection includes renditions in Pink Guava, Mango, Passion, Amarillo, Pineapple (which hit stores in early August) and Mosaic.

At the brewery, located at 41 Washington Ave. in downtown Grand Haven, Odd Sides works with Electric Hero Sandwich Shop, which will deliver lunch or dinner right to you while you experience the odd side of Coast Guard City, USA.

Last year, North Peak Brewing out of Traverse City, MI took home the Hoops’ 2016 offseason title.

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