It’s March Madness! Beer of the Month: New Holland’s Mad Hatter

I grew up in a Michiana town…no, that’s not it.

‘Cause I’m free. Free fallin’. Again, no. That’s Tidwell’s agent.

Those pigeons down there in Market Square, not the Bird in Indy we’d chase around.

If Stan Van Sundae forms that “f***ing wall”, no one’s backing down.


Truth is, when it comes to the BeerCityHoops March Beer of the Month, New Holland’s Mad Hatter tells all contenders to “come around here no more”. Not that I don’t love a good Joe Walsh rendition of Rocky Mountain Way, but akin to the cold brewed mountain river water MillerCoors calls beer, I’d rather fill our casks with something more along the lines of a Stevie Nicks version of “Silver Springs” from southwestern Michigan like New Holland’s IPA.

Just go get one and enjoy it. Maybe you can take it away from someone who doesn’t love it quite enough to see its worth. Tom Petty gets it. Stevie Nicks gets it. Hopefully, you get it, too.

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