The 3-Point Turn: The Legacy of Michael Sanders

Finding a way through the world after the loss of a loved one is quite possibly the most difficult task to take on. Elizabeth Sanders has accepted that challenge and excelled at making sure her late husband’s legacy lives on.

Michael Sanders was an avid basketball player who grew up in the Wilcox Park neighborhood. His love for the game was only matched by his devotion to his family. After his cancer diagnosis in 2014, Michael fought the good fight and made sure that Elizabeth knew she was loved and would be taken care of. That fight lasted 18 months. On July 26, 2016, this world lost that fighter. But his legacy lives on.

Elizabeth set up a Patronicity campaign aimed at raising $12,500 in Michael’s name to be donated to update and reinvent the basketball courts at Wilcox Park, a place Mike was known to trash-talk the best of the trash-talkers. On September 11th, the campaign went live. Within three days, the goal had been reached and the Michigan Economic Development Coalition had agreed to match the $12,500 for a grand total of $25,000. But, the campaign was not over yet. With an closing fundraising date of November 10, 2017, we still have the opportunity to help raise funds for even more projects at Wilcox Park. While the original goal was to honor Mike and update the courts, there’s possibility of upgrading the bathroom facilities, the lighting and more. Oh yeah, there’s going to be a bench for us old fogies.

Campaign raises over $12500 in 3 days in honor of Michael Sanders

While Elizabeth is doing all she can to keep Mike’s legacy alive, she’s also jumping at the chance to chase her dreams, something her husband was adamant about. She’s currently researching and schooling herself in Thai Massage and Yoga (you’ll see her soon at Yoga Fever in GR), running and writing the flyoverwidow blog and looking to self-publish her new book (yet to be titled).

Listen to the podcast to hear her real emotions and the love that she has in her heart.

Maybe you’ll join us at the dedication on the basketball court at Wilcox Park and trash-talk the writer of this article. Hopefully, you’ll join us on the brick roads of Eastown to raise a glass and cheers Michael. We hope to see you there.


(photo courtesy of Abbey Moore Photography)

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